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Source: Ningbo Daily  | 2021-10-08 14:41:00

  Qiantong ancient town. /前童古镇。[Photo by Miu Jun]缪军摄

  Qiantong ancient town is located in the southwest of Ninghai County. With the Bai Creek flowing through it, the town is a unique collection of historical architecture that epitomizes the quintessential southern China water town.


  Qiantong was founded at the end of the Song Dynasty, over seven hundred years ago. More than 1,300 historical dwellings of various styles have been preserved to the present day. The town's winding paths are paved with pebble. The walls of homes are inlaid with elaborately carved stone windows.


  The 2,000 families who live in the town have the same family name: Tong, making Qiantong the largest community of Tong-surnamed people in the Jiangnan area.


  During Chinese New Year, many tourists come to Qiantong to experience an authentic local festive atmosphere. Locals would perform the Dragon and Lion Dance on the streets, festooned with colorful lanterns. Bustling with crowds, this old town truly comes to life during the holiday season.


  By Gou Wen