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Central and Eastern European Goods on Sale in 5 Neighborhoods This Weekend
Source: Ningbo Evening News  | 2021-11-22 09:16:34

  Moon Bay Square, Lao Wai Tan (Old Bund), Jiangbei District

Are you aware of goat’s milk body lotion from Poland, rose hydrogen toner from Bulgaria, EVGE edible olive oil from Greece or LYRA chocolate from Slovakia? A cultural feast of such items is upcoming! On November 27 and 28, unique and high-quality consumer goods from Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) will be on sale in 5 neighborhoods of Ningbo, covering Haishu District, Jiangbei District, Yinzhou District, Beilun District, and Zhenhai District.


The sale also marks an audition for the entry of “CloudYong and CEEC” – a campaign to promote CEEC products in Chinese neighborhoods & live-streaming rooms. The campaign was hosted by Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce, undertaken by CEEC Expo and Cooperation Promotion Center, executed by Ningbo Daily Group, and co-organized by Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology and Ningbo Import Commodity Center. It aims to provide a platform for the display of CEEC merchandises and culture, thus promoting business in CEEC as well as cultural exchanges between China and CEEC.


The online entry registration kicked off on October 13 through YongShang APP. Over 150 students from local schools like Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology and Ningbo City College of Vocational Technology have signed up for the contest. After screening and training, some outstanding participants are to present CEEC products and culture at the 5 venues mentioned above this weekend.


The voting started at 9 am on November 17 and will end at 4 pm on November 28. Each person can cast 20 votes per day. The voting (30%) and the sales volume (70%) indicates whether contestants will stand out in the preliminary. Altogether, 20 contenders will be selected, meaning 4 contenders from each venue will enter the final round.


Last but not least, the best prices are assured for customers: Royal Rose Water (200ml) from Biofresh is discounted 50% from the market price of 119 RMB to only 59 RMB. Goat’s milk body lotion is 42 RMB (market price 53) and UHT whole milk (1Lx2) from Mlekovilta is 29 RMB (market price 33.9) ... Come and enjoy the bargains!


Venue &Time

Haishu District:

Century City Residential Area (Shijicheng), Zhongshan Community, Gulou (Drum Tower) Subdistrict

Time: November 27 (Sat.) 13:30-16:00

Jiangbei District:

Moon Bay Square (Yueliangwan), Lao Wai Tan, Waitan Subdistrict

Time: November 27 (Sat.) 13:30-16:00

Yinzhou District:

Xiangyuan Community, Panhuo Subdistrict

Time: November 27 (Sat.) 13:30-16:00

(Notice: Cancellation notice will be given in the event of heavy rain.)

Beilun District:

Xueyuan Community, Daqi Subdistrict

Time: November 28 (Sun.) 13:30-16:00

Zhenhai District:

Kaiyuan Square, Tongxinhu Community, Zhuangshi Subdistrict

Time: November 27 (Sat.) 13:30-16:00

By He Yan

Photo by Liu Bo

Translator: Pan Wenjie

Proofreaders: Puyang Rong, Huang Dawang, Jason Mowbray