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Ningbo's Anonymous Philanthropist
Source: 宁波日报  | 2021-12-03 08:59:00

By Xu Zhuowei

Every year since 1999, in late November or early December, the Ningbo Charity Federation receives a cash donation from "Anonymous", ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of yuan. The donor never leaves the real name or address on the letter sent to the Federation.

Recently, the 23^rd annual donation from Anonymous arrived. "At about 11:30AM last Friday, a woman around forty came to transfer money. I knew it had to be Anonymous," said He Shijia, a clerk at the Zhongshan branch of the Postal Savings Bank of China. "She transferred 500,000 yuan at our branch and 550,000 yuan at another branch—a total of 1.05 million yuan."

This year, the address on the envelope is again a false address, with the signature "Anon". Over the past 23 years, the donor has used 20 different addresses and 13 different variations of "Anonymous".

"According to the donor's wishes, we used most of the money to support students from low-income homes," said Chen Yunjin, President of the Ningbo Charity Federation. "The only way to let the donor know is to publish our charity projects in the media, since we are unable to contact the donor."

"Anonymous" has inspired many Ningbo citizens to follow suit. In recent years, the Ningbo Charity Foundation has received 50 million yuan of donations from 5,000 kind-hearted citizens who declined to reveal their identities.

The deeds of Anonymous touched many citizens' hearts. Responders to the street interviews have made comments such as, "It is commendable for one person to consistently donate for so many years", "Anonymity is truly selfless love", "I am willing to join the ranks of donors and help others".

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Proofreader: Dong Na